3H Food concept is plant based, and rooted mainly (but not exclusively) on uncooked and unprocessed food (natural, alive, vibrant, raw food), which is not heated over 42°C.

The goal of the 3H Food concept is to show you that food can and should serve your health, that preparing healthy, tasty food does not have to take hours, and that you do not have to sacrifice and eat tasteless meals.

You can eat without remorse because the 3H Food concept is completely gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, dye-free, preservative-free, additive-free… Take a look at the recipes.

With 3H Food you will learn about the food you consume and about more or less healthy ways to prepare certain foods. You will get to know your body better by making changes and positive shifts you are willing to make at a given moment.


Eating is one of the activities that most intensively stimulate pleasure centers in the brains of all organisms. When we eat, we are happy, and our bodies release dopamine and endorphin. Happy in 3H Food indicates that we should be happy both during food preparation and food consumption, as well as after meals. In other words, food can and should help keep our mind, spirit and body happy. In addition, the food itself, i.e. the ingredients we use should be happy – organic, GMO-free, grown ethically, etc.



The food we eat affects the whole body, every organ, as well as the mental, psychological, emotional, physical and energy state of the organism. Food is much more than taste. Our bodies are perfect machines whose foods are carbohydrates (sugars), fats (lipids), proteins, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food, said Hippocrates a long time ago, but modern humans in their busy lives often do not value importance of the quality of food they consume and forget that they literally become what they eat. Industrially processed and fast food will never be and cannot be as healthy as homemade food. At the same time, this food is not healthy for the environment either, and consequentially – harm our health again.


We eat not only because we need the energy and feel the hunger, but also because of various emotional challenges and imbalances. We want food that is pleasing to the eye (60% of the taste is determined by the appearance of food), and above all delicious and satisfying to our taste buds. With the 3H Food concept, I reveal how healthy food can, and of course should, be delicious, i.e. how you do not have to sacrifice your sensory pleasures to be healthy and/or enjoy nutritionally rich foods. All this can be obtained through one meal, if it is expertly prepared.

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