Welcome to 3H Food world!

Hello! I am Anita Freimann, PhD, certified raw food educator and creator of 3H Food concept: Happy, Healthy, and Hedonic Food.

Here I share with you my knowledge on nutrition and provide ideas for better dietary choices based on scientific approach, which will allow you to achieve the desired results.

First of all, I am a lecturer (associate professor at the Faculty of Economics) and a motivator who dedicates her free time to creating lasting differences in the lives of others (take a look at my book Courage on the Journey of Happiness). As a happiness doctor, I held numerous trainings and consultations aimed to increase the quality of life. Of all the dimensions or topics related to the idea of quality of life, in recent years more and more people are beginning to understand the importance of nutrition for the body, they are ready to change and looking for new solutions and ways. Consequently, the state of food industry in the world is changing rapidly. There are more vegetarians and vegans than ever before, and products placed in the “healthy corner” are available everywhere.

It is not necessary to make revolutionary changes (i.e. become a vegetarian or vegan) to feel improvement in every area of life. Even small steps, i.e. a minimal change such as just one meal, will bring significant psychophysical and health improvements.

I changed my diet seven years ago. Reading books and watching movies about raw food, something in me said it was time for a change (you probably know that feeling). I combined knowledge of economics, summed two and two in the context of global economy (growing grains and livestock, water resources, diseases, modern marketing, cash flow, lobbies…) and decided to step out of the comfort zone. It was then that I learned that my child was intolerant to gluten, lactose and white sugar. At first, it seemed like a mission impossible, but I was faced with a situation that was an additional motivator for change. I faced a challenge and stepped into a completely new world. Initially, it was not easy to change the diet. I had to reorganize the kitchen, be acquainted with new foods and new ways of preparation (with the help of blenders, juicers, food processors, dehydrators, ozone purifiers…), gather nutritional knowledge… I made many mistakes, both in preparing food and combining it, as well as in buying appliances. The learning process was long, but it all paid off many times over.

In the end, my change turned into a wonderful project: numerous raw food workshops, programs, videos, counseling, hundreds and hundreds of people who changed their diet and, consequently, their health with my support.

After many years of personal experience in the preparation and consumption of natural/raw food, workshops and counseling, I deepened my knowledge with a year-round education “Mastering Raw Food Nutrition and Educator Course”. This education, led by Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, is unique worldwide because it provides a deep and scientific approach to raw food, based on over 30 years of clinical and applied experience.

For me as a scientist, this in-depth training was a perfect fit, as everything I learned had a scientific basis (not from lobbyist paid studies in various industries, but real unbiased research). This has also caused a number of changes and shifted me from gourmand raw food to the one that maximizes the healing capacity of our bodies.
Recognizing that the concept of 100% raw food is too unreachable for many people – which is why they often give up and return to old eating habits – I created the 3H Food dietary concept (3H are Happy, Healthy and Hedonic). It is vegan and the food is mostly unprocessed (raw) because this is certainly the right path and my experience does not allow me to testify and work differently. However, I work with all people – from omnivorous to raw vegans.

Why? Because just one proper meal a day can make a huge difference in the functioning of your body.

My motto is: Encourage people to change their diet – not drastically, but just outside the comfort zone, in order to progress quickly and notice significant changes. These changes are then a natural motive for further and more…

That is exactly why I am here, because I want to make the process easier for you – to give you all the necessary information in one place.

I selflessly share with you the knowledge and experience gained over the years to bring you closer to a healthier diet and facilitate the transition and process.

With my work, I am helping you to find your big WHY in the context of nutrition. Because every “how” has already been revealed: how to lose weight, how to gain weight, how to make plant milk, how to make a cake without baking, how to make a delicious salad dressing, how to consume enough protein… Therefore, it is important to find your “why”: why you want or need to change your diet. And for that you need knowledge.

When your WHY is big enough, all the HOW solutions will come to you on their own.

I invite you and encourage you to find your WHY before it becomes an illness (which is the most common trigger for change).

What nutritional levels you will eventually reach and to what extent you will implement 3H Food is not so important; the most important thing is to gain knowledge, to know your food and nutritionally differentiate the ways of food preparation, and to be aware of which food is right for you! In other words, eat smart, not in a hurry. If you eat with the sole purpose of getting rid of hunger, you will eat anything, and the vast majority of it is not at all something I would label “food”.
Your body remembers everything and from time to time draws the line for the final account. You know the saying: prevention is better than cure.

My dear ones, only and exclusively KNOWLEDGE can ensure the development of long-term and healthy habits! That is why the most important thing is education, education, and again education. The excess of information today is challenging – whatever you google, you will find arguments for and against.

There is a lack of relevant information – and that is why I am here, to pass on my knowledge to you, to grow together and to help you make your diet really 3H within your limits. When you achieve that, life becomes 3H: happy, healthy and hedonic!